Our history

Our history goes back to 1926, when the foundation of this house was established by my grandfather Sr. Leandro Izquierdo Rivera. Our work is based on three fundamental pilars; elegance, exclusivity and quality. We create unique products for each client, designing and personalizing them according to the client’s pattern, although you are always going to be advised by our master craftsmen.

At the beginning, the production was focused exclusively on national consumption. Nowadays we are available worldwide and we work with international brands.
Our experience backs us up.

“Our origin, Ubrique, our destination, the entire world”
Francisco Izquierdo

Ubrique is Leather

Leather is worked in Ubrique as if it were a work of art. The leather products from Ubrique are more than a business, they are a tradition from the Caliphate. They are a legacy that not only carries on today, but it has been progressively refined, technified and spreaded around the world. This effort to seek excellence in each of the products manufactured in the town has led Ubrique to be considered as the cradle of leather goods.