Los bolsos son un complemento indispensable para el día a día. Por ello existe una amplia variedad de modelos para todas las ocasiones: desde bolsos grandes, bolsos bandolera, bolsos de marca con carácter, prácticas mochilas para llevar a diario, bolsos clásicos y bolsos elegantes para lucir en fiestas.

Jewelers are as decorative as they are useful. There are multiple varieties of jewelers, each piece is personal, as they usually keep objects with history. Memories of our predecessors who make sentimental value outweigh economic value.

The manufacture of jewelers was for years one of the items most in demand by our customers. At Depaco’s we are specialists in its manufacture. These are some examples of jewelers made in Ubrique by our best leather workers.

Big leather jewelry box: its design allows you to store a large number of jewelry: rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and even watches as it consists of several trays and multiple departments with organizers and pads. This type of jewelry box is recommended to keep at home and thus have all the jewelry well organized and protected under lock and key.

Medium leather jewelry box: Perfect for holding a small jewelry collection. This model is more manageable than the previous one, being of smaller dimensions. It usually separates into two parts; the upper part, where there is a tray with compartments and organizers for earrings, rings and bracelets, and the lower space, which is diaphanous, making it very versatile when storing any accessory.

Foldable jewelry box: it is a very comfortable option when traveling. There are different models and sizes, such as the classic folding model or the small round jewelers with zip fasteners to store pieces of a smaller size.

Organizer leather cases: they vary depending on their use and function. They have a single floor and there are different types; leather trays to store rings and cufflinks, leather boxes to store sunglasses, leather cases to store watches… The interior is usually lined with velvet to prevent accessories from being scratched.