There are several types of leather suitcases. Depending on its use, a type of material and shape will be more convenient. A leather handbag will not be as comfortable and practical to carry as a 4-wheel trolley to facilitate transport if you are carrying a lot of weight.

Why buy a leather suitcase?

The look and feel of good quality leather luggage can’t be compared. Plus, it’s extremely durable and always looks luxurious. Another of the qualities of leather cases is that even if time passes, the leather will not stop looking beautiful. It will become softer and with colors full of life. The scratches and stains it may suffer will give the suitcase a more personal character. In contrast, synthetic suitcases do not have this feature. Those people who fear to take the incorrect luggage at the airport, need these travel suitcases because of their totally vintage style, which transports you to other times and is far from those rigid, modern, very typical suitcases of today. The leather suitcases are well made and are perfect for long trips. They are very resistant and they are patched inside.

What should be taken into account when buying a leather suitcase?

When buying a leather suitcase, it is important to know that cheap is expensive. There are people who will buy the least expensive suitcase so as not to spend a lot of money, without realizing that if the suitcase is very cheap, the material is probably not the real one and the quality is questionable. Therefore, in a short time they will have to buy another one.

Where are the best leather cases made?

Leather products are best worked is in a town called Ubrique, at the south of Spain. If you are looking for a quality and durable product you can find it on our website.