For the manufacture of wholesale leather goods, the majority of Ubrique leather shops specialized in leather products follow some guidelines. There are 4 fundamental stages in this process:

1.Creative process.
Creativity is extremely important when it comes to a unique custom-made piece. This function is normally performed by the client, who brings his idea in the form of a sketch or model. During this design phase our job is to study and research the project in order to help the customer to make the best manufacturing decisions.

2. Pattern making.
Once the design is agreed, the patterns are made with synthetic material to get an idea of ​​the measurements, the volume and possible defects. This is one of the most important and useful steps in the process, as the customer will be able to test the item and make sure that it is perfect for launch and suits their needs.


leather goods

mock up


3. Manufacturing.
It is time to manufacture the first sample in leather. At the end it is presented to the client and the corresponding changes are made for their total satisfaction.

Finished handbag

4. Production.
Once the sample is approved, we proceed and create a complete collection of leather goods according to your requests.

As experienced leather goods manufacturers, we consider our products to be a statement of years of experience. In Ubrique we work unique materials, traditional tools and the best qualified craftsmen. That is why big brands like Loewe, Carolina Herrera, Luis Vuitton and Chanel (among others) trust us.

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